BEV-TEC - New development of customer-specific hybrid bearings

We, Bev-Tec GmbH, are specialized in the development, production and distribution of special bearings.

Conventional steel bearings (...made of 100Cr6) are perfectly adequate for most applications and fulfil their purpose. However, there are applications - such as those in the food and filling industries, where special hygienic conditions place high demands on the materials used. In the development of such bearings, therefore, the choice of material comes before the loads and the size of the bearing. Another important point is lubrication. Standard furs/oils cannot be used from a food safety point of view, as otherwise contamination would occur. Our bearings therefore run dry, or by means of a so-called media softening: the bearings run in the product or sufficient lubrication is achieved through the CIP/SIP processes. Steam/water vapour is also included.

An inquiry costs nothing! Should your bearings fail frequently or too often, or would it be better if one or the other bearing is adapted to the regular maintenance cycles, please contact us! You will receive a feasibility study with all the necessary parameters to enable you to make a decision.


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